The evolution from clearance sale to interior brand

The parent company of Juntoo, Exterioo (formerly Overstock Home and Overstock Garden), and X2O Badkamers Beliving – which recently underwent corporate rebranding itself – has been housing all its brands in the royal stables of King George for several years now. Among them, Juntoo has been making waves with its concept in recent years, although it was time for something different. Overstock Home repositioned itself (externally) as Juntoo, with King George devising and designing an entirely new hybrid retail concept. Furthermore, the PR team handles the necessary press relations based on trends, and the graphic and copy team created a magazine that continues in that direction.

Interior design & Retail strategy

New hybrid retail concept

“It was time for a change,” thought Juntoo, formerly known as Overstock Home. The furniture brand initiated a transformation in its product offerings, transitioning from a pure clearance sale model to sleeker and contemporary furniture collections. This shift called for a comprehensive overhaul of the retail formula. After a strategic analysis, King George designed the new 1,500-square-meter flagship store in Schoten, serving as a model for other locations. The outcome is a hybrid retail system that places flexibility and personalization at its core.

Styling & Art direction

Goodbye catalog style

In our efforts to move beyond the stock principle, we tapped into King George’s creative strengths. Leveraging their styling advice and high-end interior expertise, King George has been instrumental in assisting Juntoo with photography, including styling and art direction. Juntoo had previously leaned heavily on a catalog-style approach that didn’t connect with all their target audiences. To elevate their image and appeal to a more refined audience, we are now collaboratively exploring the ideal settings and styling choices.


The trends ahead

The PR team, on its part, strives to captivate and inspire the press by leveraging both existing and self-identified interior trends. Juntoo boasts a rich product range, offering numerous opportunities to align with various trends, including the use of earthy and natural tones in color schemes or the popularity of tables with rounded edges. This approach aims to pleasantly surprise individuals with Juntoo’s products and break free from the image solely linked to clearance sales.

Juntoo is a familiar presence on television, often leaving its mark on popular shows like “Blind Gekocht” and “Huis Gemaakt.” The brand embraces these opportunities, and King George adds a touch of PR finesse to these collaborations. We aim to inspire viewers with themes like ‘a journey through your interior’ or ‘finding the interior that suits your personality.’ This approach allows us to engage with the press in a more subtle and non-commercial manner.


Print & Copywriting

To inspire and assist their customers, Juntoo launched the magazine ‘Home & Interiors – Living Trends and Inspiration’ in December 2019. Through this publication, the brand looked ahead to 2020, showcasing its latest collections and insights through interior features, shopping guides, and trend articles. King George handled the design and copywriting for this magazine.

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