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For those keen on knowing the ins and outs of our biggest campaigns, we highlighted ten cases that display King George’s all-round service and everlasting creative approach. Explore our multifaceted showpieces and immerse yourself in 360° madness.
Turn an insignificant shopping centre in the heart of Ghent into a complete hotel concept? Yes, sir! Strategy, branding, interior design, copywriting, PR... This project proves that King George runs 360°!
Unilin Panels is not your typical client. In 2017, King George was invited to enhance the brand's presence among interior architects and to spotlight the fashionable flair of Unilin Panels.
Quick-Step is synonymous with floors for life, as is its partnership with King George. A match made on Flanders’ heavenly cobblestones, with plenty of spectacular twists and turns.
When Land Rover was looking for a suitable Benelux partner that not only embodies luxury cars but also architecture, design, and gastronomy, they found the ideal ally in King George.
We felt royally welcomed by the city of Sint-Niklaas when we set foot in the populous East Flemish city and established our kingdom in it. Now, years later, the roles are reversed. The result is ‘Oh-so surprising’…
The parent company of Juntoo, Exterioo (formerly known as Overstock Home and Overstock Garden), and X2O Bathroom Beliving – which recently underwent its own corporate rebranding – has been housing all its brands under the royal stables of King George for the past few years.
Whether with the finest brush or boldly painted with character, King George and Levis Paint provide a broad canvas that is already well-filled, but as every artist knows, this duo of grandmasters can keep on painting.
‘No balls needed for glory’, unless we’re talking about Wim Ballieu’s meatballs. These were served straight from grandmother’s kitchen onto King George’s plate in 2012. Together with founder Ballieu, King George put this meatball firmly on the nation’s menu.
A West-Flemish superstar in ingenious concepts and boundless imagination, who anticipated the same creatively rebellious spirit from her branding & communication partner. The outcome is a blend of modularity and madness that has been igniting sparks in PR, events, and trade shows for over a decade.
When Kinepolis Group approached King George to revamp the Candy Stores in their cinema complexes, the concept deserved a significant overhaul in terms of design, modularity, and commercial appeal, and for this task, the agency employed all its resources.
King George enjoys putting its affinity with coffee to good use and mixes the delectable flavours of NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto into a sophisticated recipe, with ingredients like Social Strategy, Art Direction and PR. Here’s a foretaste!
Back in the day, Eat Love sowed a seed in the heart of Ghent. Over the course of a few years, this seed grew into a unique blend of Ghentian and Italian influences, with a touch of innovation. Since 2012, Eat Love has been a valued patron, and in 2019, King George captured their individual journey and perspective, giving rise to a fresh brand identity and a revamped website.

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