When modularity meets madness

Modular Lighting Instruments has been the rebel in the distinguished club of architectural lighting for years. With an angular attitude, Modular L.I. designs luminaires and linear lighting that reinforce a building’s visual lines while making nimble statements. A West Flanders superstar in ingenious concepts and unlimited imagination, it expected the same creative contrariness from its branding & communication partner. The result is a twist between modularity and madness that has been creating fireworks in PR, events and at trade fairs for over 10 years.


Spotlight on innovation and design

From the very beginning, King George guided Modular L.I. through the labyrinth of (inter)national architecture and lifestyle magazines. This resulted in an endless series of publications in trade magazines worldwide. A boost in brand awareness and visibility thanks to King George’s extensive network in the design and interior design world. By appealing to the right players in the design world, Modular L.I.’s products appeared in leading blogs and publications and West Flanders’ rock ‘n’ roll became notorious and sought-after across the country’s borders. King George fed this fiery image with headline events from Roeselare to Frankfurt to Milan.

Lancering Spock


At well-chosen moments, Modular L.I., driven by King George, stunned the assembled press and visitors by staging actions that were sometimes big in scale, but always big in approach. For the launch of the Spock luminaire, King George did all the storytelling. This included the press release of course, but also the final catalogue, the development of the launch event, the visual tone of voice and styling of the photo shoot, the location hunt, the execution and copy of the social media posts, etc.

Design Pharmacy

Interieur Kortrijk, 2014

Together with Alessi, Bulthaup and Buzzispace, Modular L.I. cured visitors to Interieur Kortrijk in 2014 of the symptoms of ‘ordinary’ in their Design Pharmacy. No less than 1,000 m2 in the heart of the city that was decorated as a pharmacy of good taste. The Design Pharmacy was part of the entire Kortrijk event, welcoming interested visitors and passers-by in addition to targeted customer events. King Georges creativity was awarded a BEA for best and most original event in Belgium in 2014.

Installations in the city

Salone del Mobile, 2015

In 2015, Modular L.I. imported Belgian art right into the heart of the city. In Corso Como, well-known paintings – still lifes by Magritte, Rembrandt, etc. – brought to life in small installations. Luminaires by Modular L.I. revived the scenes. King George provided not only the concept development, but also the on-site installation, the events during Salone del Mobile and the catering at those events.

Interieur Kortrijk, 2012

One of the first collaborations between King George and Modular L.I. took place on West Flemish soil. On the occasion of the interior biennale in Kortrijk, King George developed a concept where architects and press could sit down at long tables for ten evenings, enveloped in a mysterious atmosphere, for a Burgundian, no-nonsense meal. A setting and atmosphere that was a 1-to-1 match with the client’s character: Modular L.I. was looking for rock ‘n’ roll and King George served it to them on an abandoned factory site, accompanied by equally unpretentious food.

The Light Vault


International networking with a wink, that was the recipe of The Light Vault in Luxembourg City. As a location to receive architects and other clients, a small showroom was built in which Luxembourg’s famous banking system was playfully used. King George drew a vault wall with Modular L.I. luminaires throughout the vaults – a refreshingly simple concept with maximum impact. King George’s teams not only took care of the construction of The Light Vault but also worked out perfectly matching styling.


Louse in the fur

At (interior design) trade shows, every stand cries out for visitors’ attention. The biggest mouth wins and King George did not let the tough boys & girls of Modular L.I. rob themselves of that title. Over the years, their collaboration guaranteed pioneering trade fair stands that, both visually and conceptually, time and again demolished the walls of the known.

5 days of blossom

Biënnale Interieur, 2018

By 2018, Modular L.I. was internationally known for its impressive and groundbreaking stands. But what actually brought about all that ‘wow’? What level of interest generated resulted in the company’s return? For the interior design fair in Kortrijk, King George devised a stand that through two stages brought the customer into contact with the Modular L.I. universe. With a small nod to the 5-day fair (previously there were 10), King George allowed Japanese cherry blossoms to bloom during those 5 days, creating a now-or-never moment. Visitors stepped into an Asian-themed experience box and watched bold artwork and video projections between the cherry blossoms. After the experience, everyone was led to the sales area. Those who only came for the show walked straight through; interested customers lingered and could easily be addressed. An approach that paid off: as many as 3 times more customers were captured that year!

5 days of blossom was a wonderful piece of all-round service from King George: concept, execution and construction of the stand, artwork, video editing, PR, social media, mailings…

Tokyo's red light district

Stockholm Design Week, 2019

The following year, Modular L.I. took the Asian theme a little further. The Modular L.I.X King George tandem became bolder, drawing visitors into the obscure world of Kabukichō, Tokyo’s red light district. The entire booth was bathed in a red glow where the fixtures enticed the gaping crowd like cage dancers. To echo the Asian elements of the campaign in the rest of the stand, the sales stand was decorated as a food stand.

Once again, King George handled the entire execution: from concept to construction to communication.


Architectural seasoning

Because a travelling circus sometimes makes one dream just that little bit more of an unrestrained future, King George occasionally casts a trade fair or event concept in a mobile form. More places visited, more mouths dropped open, more doors to endless fantasy opened.

Connected Lighting on tour


At the market in Roeselare, a cheese cart stands hidden among the chicken stalls. In itself, nothing strange about it. Until the hatch opens and sellers from Modular L.I. smile broadly at you and present their latest technology. To show off the controllability of all the luminaires via iPad, Modular L.I.’s marketing manager asked to come up with a proposal. This would be one that would be installed at trade shows across Europe and at installation companies. To make the stand more budget-friendly and also slimmer in design, King George developed a mobile stand. An old cheese cart was converted into a mobile showroom, without losing sight of the cart’s history: the salespeople wore cheese aprons and caps, cut off pieces of the large cheese balls as finger food and pulled Belgian beer from the fridges. All to the sounds of the incorporated DJ booth. An approach that caught on so much that it degenerated into a party for 1,000 people at Dutch Design Week. ‘Connected Lighting on tour’ took this mobile from Stockholm to Macedonia, Moscow to London.

Experience events

A world of modularity

Modular L.I. makes it a consistent practice to erase the line between exhibition stand, event and experience. Still, the volume knob was sometimes allowed to be a little higher, and King George prepared mind-blowing experiences for the lighting manufacturer. Entertainment for adults that puts the customer’s playfulness on a stage.

In search of light

35 years of Modular L.I., that was not to pass quietly. King George devised a trip that guests would not soon forget. Architects, installers and other important customers had all flown in to the headquarters in Roeselare for training and workshops, and thus the ride of their lives. After a fascinating working day, the entire group was led through Modular L.I.’s history at a Ghent castle grounds through the dark park and past the buildings. From the birth of the company in a stable to a reinterpretation of key campaigns such as Injected by light with a hospital bed and large syringe & Pure light with terrifying circular saw. In the sheep barn and adjacent tent, atmospherically lit with Modular. L.I. fixtures, guests were able to come back to their senses with a tasty apero and dinner. There was a sense of nostalgia, but also a glimpse of the future. With a fantastic party in the castle itself, the future of Modular L.I. was celebrated expectedly until the early hours.

King George received a Belgian Event Award in 2016 for the concept and execution of this event.

Event during Light + Building

Frankfurt, 2016

The dark rock ‘n’ roll atmosphere can also be found in the event King George worked out following Light + Building in Frankfurt. For three nights, a From dusk till dawn-like club was opened for Modular L.I.’s network after the end of the exhibition day. Sexy elements from the campaign such as images of a snake and other animals were used in the visual story.

King George came up with the concept and afterwards also executed everything perfectly according to plan: from set-up to styling.

Modular Mare

Salone del Mobile, 2017

Slightly more pure in terms of colour palette, but no less decadent, things went down in Milan a few years earlier. For Salone del Mobile in 2017, King George set up Modular Mare. A veritable beach bar was set up in the Academia di Brera with no less than 3 tonnes of imported black lava sand. Modular L.I.’s signature colours of black and white dictated the entire execution. Up to 15,000 visitors a day could admire not only the latest designs in the 350 sq m installation, but also the actors sunbathing or playing boules there. In the evening, the doors closed to the general public and loyal customers were pampered. King George was responsible for coming up with the concept, finding the location in the middle of Milan’s historic city centre, the complete elaboration and construction as well as all communication and event-related matters.


Beauty & Brains

When creating a universe, all the details of the story must be right. Not only the big events require attention, the small details have to be right as well. A job for King George, who goes the extra mile each time, combining content with matching visual storytelling and styling.

Roger the hero installer


Looking for an eye-catching and inspiring way to fill out the installation videos, Roger the hero installer was created. Together with his sweetheart, Roger guided the Modular L.I. installer through the installation and plastering kits.

King George was not only responsible for the idea, but also handled the complete execution of the videos: storyboards, sets, casting, costumes, etc.

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