8 reasons why a throne sits so well with King George


King George has long been the maverick in the royal family. He is a contrarian and always seeks out like-minded people who share the same lifestyle and state of mind with him. Working at King George, that is highly royal. Every creative mind resides on a throne clad with excellent skills from which projects are delivered crossover and 360 degrees. Combined with beautiful workspaces, the award winning King George Café and a shared ‘taste for the good stuff’, the result is a solid working environment and results that excel internationally in uniqueness, creativity and affinity. Through a guided tour, we gallop past 8 reasons why a throne at King George is such a good fit, and maybe your steed will soon be stopping in our royal stables.

1. As palace-worthy offices as Buckingham Palace

There is no other office with an interior as generous and atypical as King George’s. The King George residence in Sint-Niklaas is housed in what was once a textile factory. A building that housed cavernous weaving rooms and smaller office spaces side by side. Which, when converted, provided a floor plan for a wide range of possibilities. From The Pink Room, where between “more issues than Vogue” and vintage peach color, the PR club broods on mind blowing press and influencer plans, to a spacious and light-filled room where graphics, interiors and digital awesomeness box together the best concepts. Each space has its own vibe, but works equally inspiring by combining curious materials and bold colors with architecture and design.

2. The ease of access

While horse and cart look good when visiting King George, just about everyone prefers a slightly smoother mode of transportation. Those who come by train barely have to walk five minutes to and from the station, and those who come by car can park for free on the streets around King George.

3. King George Café with goodies for foodies

Not only is the interior hunger fueled by the tantalizing interior of the offices, the King George Café is also enamored with all things beautiful. And they even appreciate this on an international level, as King George Café was voted one of the most beautiful in the world in London.

Added to that is the menu that makes you hungry and, as befits King George, dares to color outside the lines. The menu is updated and replenished biweekly with salads, sandwiches and soup and has an extensive drink, coffee and tea selection. Slide over to the bar for a quick bite or an extended lunch among colleagues or with friends.

4. Fun and games during the lunch break

Sometimes it’s all fun and games, and we like to take that literally. With a brain that occasionally needs a break from all the royalness and creativity, our royals can have a ball on the ping-pong table or throw a dart at the darts board. The ideal outlet during the afternoon.

5. A team full of passionate and creative royals

In an interior and place so inspiring, it cannot help but have creative minds at work. One by one, each King George royal excels at their craft. Strategists, graphic designers, interior designers, PR specialists, digital gurus, copywriters… work together swiftly as a well-oiled team. Everyone within the household gets to reign on a throne over their projects.

6. Baristas love the FAEMA E61

The much-needed coffee on Monday morning often gets an extension through the day (and even the whole week) at King George, because the gold that runs from our FAEMA E61 is impossible to resist. King George has its own FAEMA E61 coffee machine where, like a barista, you first grind the beans and turn the cup into the machine yourself. In turn, the milk frother provides a diverse arsenal of coffee varieties. Anything to feed the brain….

7. Meet in style in the breathtaking meeting rooms

There is no denying that interior design is an important thread running through the building. King George likes to let everyone enjoy all that is beautiful, so he designed two meeting rooms that once again excel in the typical King George vibes: avant-garde, ahead of the trends and with the necessary dash of rock ‘n’ roll. Meeting Room Duke is a beacon of light and a fine meeting hub from two to ten people. Black and white dominate. In Meeting Room Lord, luxury comes first. You can use this English Gentleman’s Club inspired room for meetings or as a private dining area. Bathed in velvet, golden touches and rich upholstery, King George proves its ravishing style can be carried through everywhere.

8. Friday = afterwork

At King George, people like to have a drink, and on Fridays, the tap is opened at the strike of 4pm. Nothing more important than a relaxing weekend to recharge the batteries, The King knows. On the terrace or inside the café, visitors and employees seek the first ray of sunshine after a long winter, cooling down during the summer or just warming up in harsh temperatures. Sporadically, a DJ is also put behind the turntable, so that from time to time people can shake off the week.



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