A look at four new clients at King George


Spring has arrived and that means new beginnings for King George too. Make that four, with as many new clients to add to the royal portfolio. A glimpse at the new arrivals at King George’s Kingdom.

Woodstoxx already knocked on the King’s door last year for a fully developed marketing strategy exercise, and today this is extended into a new content strategy, including PR.
Fast-growing Aqualex also joins the kingdom. From now on, the royals will push the brand more into the spotlight with a thorough PR strategy across Belgium.
From now on, Antwerp Design Week will also call on the content and communication know-how of the King and his entourage. The event thus confirms its strong growth with more than 50 participating lifestyle brands, including some King George clients.
As icing on the cake, Umbris, the specialist company in custom-made patio covers, is entering the content sea with King George. It is clear that King’s expertise in design, interiors, architecture and lifestyle is being savoured by many players in the market and a pervasive 360° approach is paying off.

De revolutionaire innovatie van Woodstoxx: Duriflame®. Een gepatenteerde brandbehandeling op hout.

De AQUALEX Circulo: drinkwaterzuil die volledig circulair is.

Realisatie met 360° lamellen van Umbris.

Beeld van de eerste editie van Antwerp Design Week afgelopen jaar.