New client alert

ArtSound has taken King George under its PR wing


Belgian sound specialist ArtSound went in search of the most suitable partner to loudly spread their brand message and found it in King George.

ArtSound is part of the House of Music, originating from Ronse. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, the company offers a wide range of audio solutions for a broad audience, catering to both businesses and individuals. They are known for providing high-quality audio solutions in various forms and sizes at affordable prices.



In the future, ArtSound will collaborate with the creative agency King George to strengthen their message through powerful PR and impactful visuals. The rebellious and independent characters of both companies complement each other perfectly, making the decision to work together even more logical.

“King George wants to challenge us with their creative ideas. It makes us think deeply about the current state of affairs and how we can do things differently,” says Michaël Bingé, CEO of House of Music. “We need a partner who doesn’t just agree with us, but dares to provide us with resistance and counterarguments. Only in positive debate can you learn and grow.”


King George has been entrusted with the important task of taking ArtSound’s communication and brand recognition to the next level. The agency will also ensure that upcoming projects and campaigns align completely with the rebellious and distinctly Belgian identity of the brand.