New client alert

Camerich entrusts PR to the capable hands of King George.


Furniture company Camerich and Belgian designer Axel Enthoven joined forces to create an exclusive sofa collection, ‘East-West.’ To showcase this collection, the company sought its knight in shining PR armor and found it in King George. Since interior and design are the core and roots of our agency, the collaboration was a no-brainer.

East meets west

Camerich offers a wide range of high-end furniture at an affordable price. Built on traditional values and craftsmanship, they stand for premium top-quality design, considering even the smallest details. In summary, it’s music to the ears of interior enthusiast King George.

‘East-West’ is a cosmopolitan sofa collection, with hints of both Chinese and European culture. The primary focus in the designs was undoubtedly on comfort, with sofas that even the King could comfortably relax in. Additionally, sustainability was also a significant consideration.

Camerich on a royal PR-quest

The sharp minds at King George were tasked with organizing engaging PR for the new collection, allowing Camerich to briefly steal the interior spotlight. The approach was clear: highlighting the collaboration with Axel Enthoven and the unique, sustainable sofa collection he designed for them.

Furthermore, it was important to emphasize the Chinese character of Camerich, especially as the design industry often faces various prejudices, such as concerns about counterfeiting, quality, or working conditions. Through informative and in-depth PR efforts, King George equips Camerich with the right tools to prove these misconceptions wrong.