New Client Alert – Trixie

King George delves into the wonderful world of Trixie


Belgian company Trixie finds inspiration in the endless imagination of young children. With a wide range of playful products and a deep respect for the planet and the environment, the brand seeks to build a world in which this innocent – but significant – force can flow richly and boundlessly.

Unlimited fun

From backpacks to lunch boxes and from various clothes to toys: Trixie offers every child a playground on which they can discover the world around them. Above all, the brand wants to support them in their rock-solid imagination and development. Using fun prints, quality materials and their animal friends, Trixie gives color and life to its range and a personal touch to each product.

In addition, Trixie places enormous importance on sustainability and respect for nature and the planet. This is to ensure a healthy world and a good future for the next generations. Not only is thought given to the materials and raw materials used, new products and collections are always subjected to objective analyses.

King George’s playground

To send Trixie’s identity and message into the world, the expertise and experience of King George was called upon. The royal PR cell provided the brand with a strategically based communication plan for both Belgium and the Netherlands. Especially the issuing of press releases and sustainable relationships with the press were key.

King George also developed a genuine ‘Back to School’ campaign in collaboration with various macro-influencers. The brand’s school accessories were put in the spotlight in a playful way.