New client alert — Tropicana

King George takes a sip of Tropicana


A delicious breakfast not only includes toasted bread or some pastry, but it also includes a glass of fresh orange juice. Tropicana has long been a beloved guest at the table and is known for its fruity drinks. After a proper rebranding, the brand wanted to introduce its new and improved identity to the general public with the help of a large-scale campaign “It’s THAT Juice. Cheers!

Tropicana in a new look

In a dynamic and funky way, Tropicana introduces its new look and product line with flavors and varieties of fresh fruit juice that do not come from concentrate. The campaign focuses on the company’s positive and sunny philosophy, which is also translated into the various activations (both in-store and digital) and social media messages distributed throughout the Benelux.

It’s THAT pr-team

With a strong campaign comes strong PR. And let that be one of The King’s specialties. To get the press excited about Tropicana and its novelties, the right press releases and the right content are distributed to the right contacts and journalists. Will you be taking a sip of THAT juice soon?