From an old Flemish carnival booth from the 1980s to an internationally acclaimed design icon

We won a Red Dot Award Best Of The Best in Berlin!


King George and Unilin Panels have just received the prestigious Red Dot Award ‘best of the best’ in Berlin, known as the Oscars of the design world, for their innovative and hybrid approach to sales and product presentation in a mobile vehicle called the Trendshooter. It’s a remarkable transformation from an old Flemish carnival booth from 1980, which used to bring joy to children in villages and squares, to winning an international design award with a brand new futuristic concept.

Win, win, win!

During the pandemic, Unilin Panels was looking for an original way to host small-scale events for European customers. King George came up with the idea to transform a retired carnival booth from 1980 into a mobile exhibition stand, the Trendshooter. Where prizes and toys used to be displayed, Unilin Panels are now presented in six trend clusters curated by King George. When a customer or prospect throws a ball at one of these panels, the hit panel lights up, and matching music plays. It’s a playful way to discover the brand and its product range. Additionally, customer data is collected after the game, and a fun photo is taken of the participant, allowing for data capture.

Globetrotter on wheels

What makes the Trendshooter unique is its hybrid way of working. As a product presentation, it can be moved to and from its destination like a real carnival that comes to a town. The customer no longer has to go to a trade show; the trade show is effortlessly brought to the customer. Moreover, the atmosphere and setting around the Trendshooter turn the booth into an event in itself.

The international Red Dot jury praised the originality of the concept, its versatility, the innovative way of attracting customers, and the meticulously crafted authentic design. In the meantime, the Trendshooter has already been featured at the Salone Del Mobile in Milan, traveled extensively throughout France and Belgium, and is set to conquer the UK in the near future.


The German Red Dot Awards are considered the largest design awards that companies worldwide can receive, with a history that dates back more than 60 years. These prestigious awards have grown over the years into a label of top quality and design, and are highly coveted by all players in the design field. To emphasize the diversity within the sector, the awards are divided into three subcategories: Product Design, Brands & Communication Design, and Design Concept. All three categories are organized annually.

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