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Cosentino is an internationally oriented, leading company and the world’s largest producer of quartz surfaces for kitchen countertops and facades. This Spanish family business group wanted to expand its reach further across Europe. Following a powerful introduction in the media landscape, resulting in a long-term PR collaboration, it was time for Cosentino to embark on new digital avenues with King George.

Our royal storytellers searched for suitable and interesting influencer profiles who were in the midst of (re)building and seeking the ultimate finishing touch. As a result, we had the pleasure of welcoming well-known personalities such as Clo Clo, Sumeyya Ata, and Sofie Noyen for a series of unique collaborations. Cosentino provided the necessary countertops, and King George handled the rest – from personal testimonials to accompanying photography, press releases, and blog posts. Cosentino’s social media channels were also abundantly and beautifully filled with our provided content.

Over the years, Cosentino has grown into a successful example of the full King George package: a 360° content integration where our pillars seamlessly align.

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