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Jade & Jules is a luxurious matchmaking agency that primarily caters to successful businessmen. King George took care of everything, from naming and strategy to branding and website development. It didn’t become an ordinary dating platform or relationship agency with associations to ‘partner,’ ‘date,’ or ‘match,’ or the typical symbols like hearts, cupid’s arrows, or flames. Because even if you wrap it in the cloak of love, the average dating agency today carries a somewhat negative connotation. In the spirit that a brand-new and personal concept requires a high-end approach, Jade & Jules was chosen. The two alliterative names are strengthened by the ampersand, giving a luxurious body to the concept and making it feel not overly corporate but rather friendly. The website also reflects the generous and exclusive yet warm and accessible brand identity. Behind the website, King George integrated a connection to dating software and a database with personal data.

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