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As a former Concept Fashion Store, the interior foundation of the new Tiffanys location in Lochristi was already in good shape. Because King George had previously been involved in the interior design of the property, the clothing chain invited the agency to once again unleash their strong interior creativity.

King George was tasked with breathing new life into the existing interior, with a faithful nod to the look and feel of Tiffanys. The new concept had to feel younger and more trend-sensitive, taking into account the needs and interests of the existing clientele.
The talented interior minds at King George worked their magic to bring some existing furniture back to life. For example, the presentation blocks were finished with a rough stucco, giving the whole a certain texture and tactile touch. The remaining clothing racks also received a sparkling white coat of paint.

“The contact with Nicolas is always very pleasant. The ideas that emerge from the brainstorming sessions with King George are consistently innovative, with an eye on feasibility.”
– Philip, CEO van tiffanys

Furthermore, the store was immersed in trendy pastel shades, with purple and lilac stealing the show. To break up the space and add depth, our savvy interior heroes installed an impressive counter, constructed from luxurious Murano terrazzo. Mirrors on the front of the furniture ensure that other interior elements and clothing are prominently accentuated.
To create a warmer atmosphere, the space was adorned with golden and moss green carpets. A perfect complement to the colors in the terrazzo and the elegant and luxurious identity of Tiffanys.

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