Web & Digital

Your website is like the saying ‘all roads lead to Rome’. Everything you build and everything you do as a company, will always lead to your website. The online and offline story must be interwoven in such a way that everything runs smoothly. Your website is the backbone of your web & digital story. It is your castle.


Focus on the digital story because everything is built around it and led to it. Together we built a sturdy coat rack on which you can hang your most beautiful outfits.

Creating content on web & digital is one thing, but it must be useful too. By looking at what your audience is exactly looking for and what keywords they use, we analyse what could be relevant for you. It’s also a matter of continuously monitoring those keywords to adjust your website systematically.

King George is not your average website builder. We think differently for web & digital. We create a strong, but creative website far away from a fixed template, but that looks equally good on every device. Everything is custom made with a main focus on design and animation. Copy-wise, we always take SEO into account, but storytelling remains the common thread.

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