Classic Italian meets the wildly creative King George

Eleven years ago, Eat Love planted a seed in the soil of Ghent, and in just a few years, it sprouted into a distinctive Ghent-Italian concept with a twist. Eat Love now boasts three restaurants and a takeaway concept where pizzas and pasta are prepared in the Italian tradition, using ingredients that are organic and locally sourced. Founder Valentina Gatti pays tribute to her grandmother by infusing her recipes with a love for the local food chain, thereby embracing the Flemish landscape. Since 2012, Eat Love has been a client of the royal court, and in 2019, King George translated her personal story and vision into a new branding and website.


In honor of the Italian savoir-faire

Eat Love has truly become a genuine Gentenaar over time, although its Italian influences are never far away. When Eat Love approached King George in 2019, Eat Love Pizza had been serving the finest Italian pizzas for several years, and the idea of opening two new concepts was on the table. With the birth of Eat Love La Mamma (inspired by her grandmother’s recipes) and Eat Love Mercato (a tapas and lunch spot), there was a need for an overarching brand identity while making it clear that there were three distinct concepts.

The brand identity didn’t conform to Italian restaurant clichés but offered a fresh interpretation. King George took the quintessential elements that characterize Italian cuisine and gave them a contemporary twist. The illustrations served as a nod to both traditional Italy – think Maria and Vespa – and Valentina’s personal story: fresh ingredients, her love for Italy, her connection to Ghent, and her respect for her grandmother. These illustrations function as separate logos with a nostalgic touch, but when combined with the chosen typography and colors, they blend seamlessly into a modern design.

Pizza box

not your average box

The result is a traditional concept guided by today’s Flemish local sourcing principles, translated into a modern brand identity for menu cards, gift vouchers, and pizza boxes… And those pizza boxes look just a bit more special than your average one. King George opted not for a full-color print but refined the design with two Pantone colors – fresh coral red and light blue with a touch of green – that created a vibrant, saturated print. The printing process used allowed the colors to overlap, achieving a Risograph-like effect. This contributes to the authenticity of the box and emphasizes the classical-modern concept even further.


Navigate to get hungry

On the Eat Love website, it becomes evident that each restaurant concept has its own sub-brand identity with distinct illustrations and a different color scheme. The way these elements are employed ensures a cohesive overall appearance.


Ready for launch

In recent years, Eat Love embarked on a few side ventures, including two pop-up concepts: Eat Love – In the Woods and Eat Love – Love Boat. To boost their launch, King George’s PR team issued a press release and pitched the new concept to a curated group of journalists.

"From the very beginning, I sensed the synergy between Eat Love and King George. The atmosphere was right, and the enthusiasm was palpable. "
- Valentina Gatti Business owner Eat Love
Valentina Gatti, the formidable woman behind Eat Love.

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