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When Land Rover was searching for a suitable Benelux partner that not only exudes luxury cars but also architecture, design, and gastronomy, they found the ideal ally in King George. For the launch of the brand-new Range Rover model, the kingdom devised a strategic and well-thought-out content plan that managed to intrigue the target audience both digitally and in print.

A journey of knowledge

Range Rover represents the epitome of luxury and refinement. Potential buyers are predominantly entrepreneurial in nature and have an affinity for everything that exudes elegance. To introduce the target audience to the new Range Rover-class car without delving too much into specific details, King George and the brand came up with the ultimate cliffhanger: ‘A New Generation of Leaders.

The Range Rover enthusiast often has a wealth of relevant experience and wisdom, which they gladly pass on to their children, colleagues, or employees. Exploring how various leaders in their fields approach knowledge transfer in all its facets became the project’s starting point. For the Belgian version, King George chose Michelin chef Sergio Herman as the protagonist, while in the Netherlands, it was the successful designer Piet Boon. For both campaigns, a multi-minute video was created, providing a highly cinematic glimpse into the professional worlds of both entrepreneurs. Our two leaders take you on the road in the new Range Rover, guiding you through a day in their professional lives. On the road, they share their personal journey: how they started, how they do business, what their setbacks and successes have been, how they envision the future of their careers, and how they pass on their talent to the next generations. It’s not a commercial but rather a heartfelt film in which the new Range Rover plays a significant supporting role.

Sergio Herman

Entrepreneurial Michelin-starred chef

Piet Boon

Award-winning interior architect


Land Rover

The two films were showcased on Land Rover’s own channels, including an exclusive landing page, on Instagram and LinkedIn, and Range Rover fans could also discover the campaign through the E-newsletter. Additionally, in collaboration with media agencies Dentsu and Accenture, a digital campaign was launched at the Benelux level, for which King George provided the right materials in the right places (in the form of banners, short videos, clips, a carousel, etc.).

Native on- & offline content

In addition to this media push, native online and offline content was also created with key media outlets such as Sabato, Trend Style, and L’Officiel in Belgium, and Quote, NRC, and JFK in the Netherlands. This resulted in more than 7.5K views of the videos within the target audience.


Furthermore, a PR campaign was launched under the same banner, ‘New Generation of Leaders,’ in which the stories of both Sergio Herman and Piet Boon were presented to the national media. This campaign resulted in various articles in publications such as Trend Style, Knokke Talks, To The Point, and Be Perfect Magazine.

In short, a successful content marketing campaign that affirmed and strengthened the brand’s identity and values in the market and among the target audience.

In cijfers

+1,6M impressions on social media

+720K printed articles

+200K views on digital articles

30% more leads during the campaign

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