Snack bar Special: King George serves design with fries


In the heart of Sint-Niklaas, design agency King George brought to life its interpretation of a chip shop anno 2024. Don’t expect a barrack of cheap vinyl or white fluorescent lighting, but rather a design-worthy hot spot where consistent use of color and a sophisticated lighting plan shape the design.

A serving of interior please!

The assignment was simple: design a chip shop whose design and interior convey the same quality as its fries. A snack to the mouth of the interior and graphic designers of the design agency King George.

The stately, meter-high ceilings of the building – an old pharmacy – were accented by the designers with vertical LED lights on the walls. Subtly hidden behind simple plexiglass panels, the lighting creates a rhythmic design experience. Because the original architecture of the pharmacy was already gone, the interior designers had further carte blanche – naturally respecting preserved Art Deco facade and existing stained-glass windows. Finally, the blue accents and white walls, combined with the lighting and warm wood of the furniture, create a design-worthy whole.

Design on the fries?

The fry shop’s graphic identity also received a facelift. King George’s experienced team went to work and renamed the business as Pom de Teir. Together with the interior designers, indigo blue was chosen as the base to color both the branding and the interior. The entire corporate identity came to life through various signage (both in the interior and on the facade) and the patio furniture was also dipped in the same blue.
Today, Pom de Teir is a striking beacon in the middle of the catering scene in the Waasland region: the fries are deliciously crispy and taste a tad better thanks to King George’s design sauce.