Branding & graphic design

No two corporate identities are the same; that’s a royal promise. Our graphic team will always build a new creative concept to surprise your brand and your customers. We tie a royal bow around web design, graphic branding, print and motion design.


We look at the purpose and target group of our clients and create an exceptional graphic masterpiece. We like to reinvent ourselves and your brand.

Branding & graphic design is more than just a logo. In fact, a logo is only a small part. King George is always looking for an original corporate identity. No two are the same. We hunt for the right colours, patterns and fonts and set the rules on how to use them. Making something beautiful is easy, but that is not our challenge. We keep the goals and the predefined strategy in mind and create a corporate identity that matches beauty and functionality.

Motion design is becoming the most important animated extension of your corporate identity. The way something is moving and how it sounds, is a part of the story of a brand. The graphic team of King George always thinks about how the emphasis can be put and how something can be told in an innovative way. What a great new view on branding & graphic design.

Our graphic kings and queens have a golden pen to design an appealing website that is clear and navigable for the visitor. Which is an important issue, conquering all screens we use everyday. King George wants to make any branding and graphic design an innovative creation with animations and effects. But in which the visitor does find its way. A website of our hands is one where design and functionality meet.

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