Like every kingdom needs a strong foundation and solid defensive walls, your business needs a powerful castle. Only then you can stand up to the harsh competitive world. Our strategic team, with The King himself at the head of the table, searches for and builds the core of your castle; the foundation of your company, the base. All other strategic components start from here: from Brand Strategy, Digital Strategy and Marketing Strategy over Retail Strategy, Content Marketing and Brand Activation to Employer Branding. Like a good court jester, all domains have their own specialty, but work together smoothly.


With founder Nicolas Block’s journalistic knowledge, we always start from the customer’s perspective, which is the only way to create a valuable and relevant story. A castle whose foundations are not solid enough will sooner or later collapse.

Bringing your brand strategy to the customer? We only go the mad creative way. We move your castle to a physical location where your target group is present. This is how we actively bring the customer into contact with your brand. Just think of events, a trend box, trade fair stands… You dream it, we make it!

First things first: your company and your brand(s) need a solid and strong foundation to which you can always refer. Who are you? What do you stand for? Who is your target group? What do you want to achieve? A coherent and clear answer to these questions determines the strength of you brand story. Behind any problem – from a shortage of leads to a poor-selling product – often lies a shaky brand strategy. We dig to the core and create clarity!

How to tell your story in a unique, creative and relevant way? We create content that brings your chosen strategy to life. Because of the journalistic past of The King himself – Nicolas Block – we know how to keep that content relevant. We choose a creative mix that starts from the consumer’s needs. What does he or she want to hear or see?

Your current kingdom not only has a physical foundation, it needs a strong online position too. As for the digital part of your strategy, we put on our digital glasses and translate your brand story on the wide web. A user-friendly website, interesting social media content, effective advertising… Today’s customer journey is largely online, so it’s important to know that path inside out, for every individual or target group. We talk hybrid! Because digital strategy is strongly connected to retail strategy.

Does your company or brand have solid foundations? Then let’s get into action! But what is your exact plan? Based on the castle that we built together – your brand strategy – we work on a relevant story to present to the outside world. That way, we can actively reach the target group we have in mind. While branding strategic, marketing is more tactical. It’s about offering the right product or service in the right place, at the right price and at the right time.

Ready? Let’s sell it! A retail strategy focuses on selling your product or service at a specific location. We go through the process of how you can sell your product or service in the most efficient, innovative and creative way. We don’t only make a strategical plan; the interior designers of King George like to complete the bigger picture with a retail interior design. This way, you get the whole package: from location and furnishing, over price and POS material, to communication.


Today, retail strategy goes hand in hand with digital strategy. If, for example, a product is out of stock in the physical shop, it must be possible to order it online, and vice versa. We talk hybrid!

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