PR & Influencer

There’s no such thing as bad publicity? Exactly! At least, thanks to the right PR. With a broad network of solid press relations and the right Instagram personalities in our phone book to ensure effective influencer marketing and ambassador campaigns, even on a rainy day we can put a ray of sunshine on your product.


With a background at the other side of the flow – as a lifestyle and design journalist – King George knows the power of a flash entrance, the impact of the right name.

Turn up the volume of your company’s visibility by collaborating with a matching online personality. Guided by the impact of a well-selected ambassador, brands are able to target their audience quicker. PR & Influencer branding on a high!

In a modern world built of bits and bytes, a targetted influencer branding is a vital piece of PR & Influencer branding. Our motivated team has the professional knowledge and the personal passion to make sure every influencer is spotted and no opportunity is left unexplored.

King George’s Rolodex is a fatty: from the big shots in the Belgian press to the editors in chief from international design magazines, we’ve got the right contacts to put your project in the spotlight. As a starting point for PR & Influencer branding, a trusted network of solid press relations is essential.

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