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About ten years ago, there was PIET 1 in Ghent, followed by PIET 2 in Ghent, and in 2020, PIET 3 opened its doors in Antwerp. Even in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, PIET Moodshop’s retail story seems to be a slam dunk, partly thanks to King George. Two out of the three stores were meticulously designed under the watchful eye of The King, and the rebranding was also entrusted to us. With three physical retail stores and an online shop, it was time for uniformity. A recognizable house style for all the shops, yet with a certain distinction. To announce PIET’s third shop in Antwerp, the PR team organized an influencer event.

How retail can still be such a successful formula is discussed in the podcast ‘PIET Moodshop’s 3rd Store in Antwerp and Its Vision on Retail in 2020.’

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