King George is rooted in journalism, the content, the game of words. What used to be described as storytelling has now blossomed into full option content with all necessary tools to not only build a story, but to also sell it and resonate. As a creative agency King George approaches each project as a whole and carefully considers how to involve every department and help make it a content hit. Because good copywriting or a cosy podcast are not always enough to label something as solid content. We also want to support your story visually with video and photo shoots with a refreshing and on-trend styling.

Good copywriting is more than just delivering a message or filling the bubble called content: the right research and a matching tone of voice define the true intentions of the sender. No hollow words but writing with knowledge and an eye for social relevance and ruling trends.

The vocal colour of your brand is something that is not only incorporated in your tone of voice in copy, but also in your visual storytelling. In a world where King George shares the throne with King Instagram, a good image is worth gold and essential for the catwalk of your content. King George translates your product to picture.

The holy grail to engage an audience with you for a longer period of time and sell your product or service in a non-commercial way. Podcasts have the power of the message, the hint of proximity. Content packed like a hot cup of coffee.

There’s no such thing as a creative job without appropriate styling. A visual mood maker that gently influences your content. From dressing exhibition booths to the styling of photoshoots and decorating events or retail and hospitality spaces. When there’s no styling, there’s no soul. Be a king, not a vampire.

In a society entirely focussed on visuals, catchy images are our daily bread, the salt on top of our copy. We use video to gift wrap social media strategies as short snackable content with sticky images and editing.

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