With the right mix of guts and stardust, King George upgrades every event to an experience. Fairytale-like experience events, mind blowing guerilla actions and mobile booths that come to be thanks to the wide range of talent in the royal household. At the start of every creative project, King George indeed looks for the best way to connect the dots and to let each department contribute to the bigger picture: interior design delivers kick-ass settings, PR creates the essential buzz, graphic design takes care of the appealing façade, the strategy department develops the right approach, etc.


The continuous effort of King George on this touchline of on- and offline marketing has earned us several awards so far.

King George activates the right connections and adds electricity to your event. We believe that it takes more than a champagne reception to make your brand or project memorable. Our teams deliver 360° fizz.

King George is a creative agency at heart. So no standard templates are used to clone passed events. We do however have tons of guts that result in bold actions, teased minds and eyes wide open. We add social media cleverness and high-impact influencers as cyber megaphones.

Why put time, energy and money in a one-time only event when you can easily score a hattrick? Or even better: win the whole tournament? King George invents and builds mobile booths that make an impression from London to Moscow, from Macedonia to Stockholm.

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