King George has his roots in the finer things in life. The passion for design, interior, beauty and balance forms the backbone of our kingdom. A focus that is reflected in everything we do: from our PR-portfolio to, self-evident, our high standard interior design department.


The interior design team serves state-of-the-art concepts for hospitality, retail and office purposes, as well as fair booths and (mobile) installations that boost imagination.

It’s showtime, baby! A booth with a strong design kicks in and amazes the fair visitors with conceptual creativity and lots of wow. For the plans of our clients’ booths, our interior design team uses one item from the product range as an inspiration and develops an all-out gimmicky booth around it.

A solid hospitality concept scores both off and online. Hospitality is all about taking the guests on an adventure and plunging them into another world with stunning statements that easily find their way to Instagram. In other words: good hospitality interior design does the social media marketing for you.

The land of King George houses many talents: not only an interior design team, but also handy craftsmen that can build the team’s fantasies in a wink of an eye. Making our service agile, flexible and quick.

Office spaces often ask for modesty and serenity. An exercise in restrained finesse and class where, in most cases, bold interior design is not sought after. But also silently a statement can be made: our designers pick out unusual shapes, materials and high quality products.

When designing a retail space, the interior design team always keeps the product on the top of their minds. Because a well thought out retail design immerges the client in the brand’s identity and never misses to highlight the goods. A sensatory offline shopping experience is where a brand can make the difference and stand out from the competition.

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